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All Members on a Membership must reside at the same residence.  Proof of Residency may be required.


Veterans & Porter Communities Resident Memberships

This level of membership is only offered exclusively to Veterans and residents who have purchased their home in a Porter Communities residential subdivision. This includes all residents of MariMack VillasMariMack Estates, Clear Creek Valley, Clear Creek Ridge (select residents), the Lakes at Hunters GlenCottonwood CreekDovecott, and Jamestowne Village (select residents). If you have any questions about this, please let us know. There are NO OTHER subdivisions that are eligible for this discount.  Proof of Residency and/or Military Verification may be required.

All prices are tax-included.

*The Unlimited AND Pool Only Memberships will have a one-time Intiation Fee added; including those upgrading from a non-pool membership.

*Pool & Unlimited One-Time Initiation Fees:

Public: $300  |  Seniors: $200  |  Each Additional Junior: $5  |  Veterans & Porter Community Residents: Waived



Veterans & PorterCommunites   * PLUS Initation Fee if applicable: See Above
Membership Type


Greens Only


Greens+Cart+ Range

*The Unlimited 

*Pool Only

Junior  Under Age 18 NA/$145/$123 NA/$300/$255 NA/$375/$319 NA NA
Individual Ages 18-U62 $21/$210/$179 $47/$470/$400 $58/$580/$493 $71*/$710*/$604 NA/$260*/$220
Couples I  Any 2 Adults- Same Address $35/$350/$298 $59/$590/$502 $71/$710/$604 $97*/$970*/$825 NA/$330*/$280
Couples II 1 Adult & 1 Junior- Same Address $29/$290/$247 $44/$440/$374 $52/$520/$442 $63*/$630*/$535 NA/$290*/$250
Senior I Age 62+ $20/$200/$170 $39/$390/$332 $50/$500/$425 $62*/$620*/$527 NA/$225*/$185
Senior II Any 2 Adults BOTH Age 62+- Same Address $27/$270/$230 $54/$540/$459 $69/$690/$587 $78*/$780*/$663 NA/$250*/$215
Family Any 2 Adults and 3 Juniors**- Same Address $52/$520/$442 $89/$890/$757 $99/$990/$842 $110*/$1100*/$935 NA/$550*/$470
**Addional Juniors: Family Memberships Only Per Additional Junior $5/$50 $5/$50 $5/$50 $5/$50 NA/$50*

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